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The Best Vintage Barbie Collector Books

just my 2 cents on the books i've found most useful

All of these books are out of print so they can only be purchased when available by individual book sellers
Barbie Fashion: Volume 1 Book Barbie Fashion Volume I and Barbie Fashion Volume II by Sarah Sink Eames are filled with useful vintage Barbie information.  Each volume features every fashion from the respective period with beautiful color photos and detailed descriptions listing each accessory, including the Braniff fashions.  Both books also include fashion sections for Ken, Skipper, Tutti and Francie as well as the release dates on the dolls.  Photographs of prototypes are also included.

These are definitely the go-to books for Barbie collectors.  If you only bought a couple of books, Sarah's Barbie Fashion volumes are all you'd ever need to help you identify the vintage collector period of dolls and clothing.
Barbie Fashion: Volume 2 Book
The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book by Marcie Melillo, one of my absolute favorites, is a comprehensive resource for the Barbie family from 1959 into the 1990's.  It has information on manufacturing, mold copyright numbers, makeup colors, accessories as well as manufacturing flaws.  I doubt there will ever be another book with this much information on Barbie & friends.
Barbie Structures and Furniture Book Barbie Structures and Furniture by Marl B. Davidson is a resource book of Barbie structures from 1961 to 1973.  Just seeing the delightful photos of  pristine cardboard structures like Barbie's Little Theatre set up in diorama is worth the price of this book.  Accessories are listed and photographed.
Barbie Doll Vinyl Cases Book Barbie Doll Vinyl Cases by Connie Craig Kaplan identifies all those early colorful Barbie cases we all love.  She includes photos and information about every size, shape, color, and accessory you can imagine connected to vintage Barbie "Ponytail" vinyls, including rare items.
Barbie in Japan, by Keiko Kimura Shibano is a book for those collectors interested in the variations of Barbie dolls and fashions released in Japan in from 1959 to 1972.  If you enjoy seeing photos of vintage Barbie looking her best and in pretty scenes, you'll love the photos in this book.
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