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Vintage "Solo in the Spotlight" Barbie Trunk w/Hangers


in incredible shape from the original owner


Item Description

  From the original owner, the very popular "Solo in the Spotlight" trunk in shiny black.  This beautiful 1962 vintage trunk has been well kept and is in wonderful condition.  Like the Barbie that came with it, it has been in storage since the 1960's and has never been in circulation in the Barbie collectors community.

It's difficult to photograph these vinyl Barbie cases because of the glare on the vinyl from the photography lights, so I've listed details to give you a better idea of its condition.

  • The black vinyl looks amazing, still shiny and supple, and the color of the graphics are fabulous  -- vivid pink and gold.  The photo above came out a bit blurry, but the actual graphics are not.  There are some smudges and marks on the back side as seen in the photo below.
  • All of the original accessory boxes and drawers are present.  The glue on the bottom is losing its stickiness, but the boxes and drawers are in really nice, crisp condition.
  • The metal hanging rods are both intact and the hard-to-find red strap is still attached and works perfectly -- which is rare to see.
  • The case is structurally sound and the handle and latch closure are intact and in working order -- another rarity, there is no rust on either one.  The photo of the latch below makes it look as if it could be rusted, but must be a reflection or something because it's not.  It's a nice normal silver metal color.
  • The trunk has zero splits, tears or punctures on the exterior or interior.  It has a little storage smell and there are marks on and under the drawer seen on the right of the photo below.  It's actually less noticeable in real life than under the photography lights.  The metal part under the drawer might be able to be cleaned up if someone knows how to safely do that.
  • Included with the trunk are 14 red, white and pink hangers.

This is a well-preserved vintage Barbie case for the serious Barbie vinyl collector.  It's hard to believe it's almost 60 years old.  It will be packed securely.

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