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"Kitting Pretty" Cardigan & Shell


1964 barbie fashion #957



  This #957 "Knitting Pretty" set is in exceptional condition and has NO HOLES.  From the original owner, it has been in storage since the 1960's and has never been traded in the vintage Barbie community.  Honestly, of the three outfits I have for sale from this original owner, I don't think they were ever put on a doll from the looks of them.

As you can see in the photos, the stretchy waist on both pieces and the cardigan's cuffs are not stretched out.  It's supple and has a tight knit.  The gold buttons on the cardigan and the snaps on the shell are all present and securely attached.  No holes, tears or loose threads.  Mattel Barbie "R" label.

Just wanted to mention that down the left side of the cardigan, you will see four button holes that are meant to be there.  Those are no holes in the knit.  Very hard to find in this condition.
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