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Rare Vintage "TM" Commuter Set Hat Box


from the 1959 barbie fashion #916



This item is included in the 1959 Barbie Estate Collection  

Adorable vintage red cardboard hat box with the Barbie-logo from the 1959 fashion #916 Commuter Set made to store Barbie's red petal cloche silk Commuter Set hat.  From the original owner, and rare to find with the "TM" mark!  It has been in storage since the 1960's and has never been passed around the vintage Barbie community.

It's in exceptional shape -- better than what you normally see -- but unfortunately, it's missing the bottom cardboard piece which sometimes happens with this item.  Please take a look at the last photo, which is the hatbox turned upside down, and you'll see that the round bottom cardboard piece is missing.  When it's right-side up, you don't notice the bottom is missing and it looks wonderful, as seen in the photos, but I want potential buyers to realize what I'm talking about.

As for the rest of the hatbox, the cardboard is in excellent condition -- very crisp for its age and structurally sound.  The red exterior is vibrant and the little black "rope" is still in perfect condition.


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